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Jackson-Standard Models


About Us


Jackson Standard provides the historically minded model railroader with accurate rolling stock in the four major indoor scales (O, S, HO, and N) and locomotives in S Scale. Our goal is to help modelers create balanced prototypically correct rosters without resorting to brass imports, resin and other types of craftsman kits.


We will identify and produce in highly detailed injection molded plastic and die cast metal what we see as iconic freight cars of specific railroads in the transition era overlooked by other manufacturers. These freight cars will fill the gaps in your roster of the 1920s to the 1950s.



Jackson Standard uses

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However, as much as we love steam and transition era railroading, we recognize that many gaps in 21st-Century railroading remain. We will strive to help modelers capture the emerging technology of contemporary railroading with never-before-produced rolling stock.


Our standards of detail will be at or above the current state of the art. We are without a doubt passionate Certified Rivet Counters. Brian and Bill have over 50 years of combined SCALE model railroad experience so what matters to you matters to us as well. This means gathering real railroad plans where possible or extensively measuring an extant car to do the designing.


We will get it right or not make it at all.


We need diversity in the items we produce. This is not just about producing rolling stock. Plastic structures, bridges, really anything can be made.


The heart of Jackson Standard is the brand new Big Machine which is the latest CNC technology aimed at producing injection molds in hardened steel with minimal clean up and polishing before sending the tooling into production.  Other machines will be added to the company to further enhance our capabilities and increase production.


We will also eventually be soliciting commercial and industrial work not hobby related to better utilize the machine’s capabilities.


We are viewing this as sort of a “co-op” where you do the designing in Solidworks and Jackson Standard takes it from the virtual world to the plastic item in your hand. Some people have no interest in producing items outside their chosen scale. We understand that. If you allow Jackson Standard to produce your design in other scales that could be a cost benefit for you and your tooling. Restrictions and prior approvals with Brian apply.  


The BIG Machine

Capable of producing molds for 80’ long O Scale passenger cars


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Contact Brian@jacksonstandard.com or bill@jacksonstandard.com