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Jackson-Standard Models


A division of Jackson-Standard Model & Mold


Where Every Rivet Is Counted


We believe that with the changing world economy there is opportunity to bring manufacturing back to America and produce products here at competitive pricing. Americans taught the world how to manufacture. It is time we brought it back here which is just what we are doing.


We will be making injection plastic molds and producing quality plastic model railroad items in 4 scales. Tooling production time is minimized by using the newest CNC technology.We will look for producing the niche items missed by other companies because we will likely want them as well.


We are open to producing your item for your private brand, or possibly if we feel there is a market for it, producing it under the Jackson Standard brand.


We are actively soliciting knowledgeable model railroaders in the 4 popular scales that have Solidworks experience or to take Solidworks classes and JOIN us. You could contract design for us or start your own line of items. NO one wants what you want more than you do. So donít wait for someone else to make it. See the About Us page.


Please check the website often. We are truly just getting started.




We have our first product for sale. See Omnicon gearbox at left.†††††††


Brian Jackson††† ††††††††††††††††††††††Bill Lane

†††††† CFO††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Technical Advisor




Launched 3-10-14

Updated 4-4-17